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BXR is an open source file management system powered by Ruby on Rails.

 Easy-To-Use User Interface
 Create Users, Groups, and Folders
 Assign Group Priveleges for File/Folder Protection
 Tag/Label Files for better organization
 Ferret Support for File Content Indexing & Searching
 Mass File Uploading using Uploadify & jQuery


Editing a File   Viewing a Folder   Assigning Permissions to a Folder   Tag Search  

Help & Faqs

 How do I install BXR?
The best way to install BXR and figure out how it works is to open the INSTALL file included with the download. It will tell you everything about how to get it up and running... and how to use it! Also, check out the README file, it has some good info in it as well. If you need any help, check out our forum, or ask us!

 I want to be able to search inside files for stuff. How do I turn on Ferret?
Ferret indexing is disabled by default. To turn on Ferret indexing, open config/environment.rb and change the line:
That's it!


Do you like BXR, but you think it's missing a little something? Help us make BXR better!

Check out our Development Website. You can do all kinds of things here:

  • Submit feature requests or bug reports
  • Monitor development progress
  • Read app wikis for tutorials and how-tos
  • Get help on the community forums
  • Download any release


Looking for a server to run BXR? Say no more. We can install and host your own personal copy of BXR! Check out our Application Hosting to learn more!

Also, we've had success installing and running BXR at these hosting companies: