DiamondList is a free open source ruby on rails wishlist management program. It allows you to track one or more wishlists for one or more people, for any kind of event.

 Clean, Customizable Interface
 Secure Admin area
 Secure User Login Area
 AJAX Powered Tab Browsing
 Easily Customize Individual Wishlist Design(with CSS)
 Item Status Tracking
 Perfect for Birthday & Christmas Lists, Wedding Registries, and more!


Help & Faqs

 How do I install DiamondList?
The best way to install DiamondList and figure out how it works is to open the INSTALL file included with the download. It will tell you everything about how to get it up and running... and how to use it! Also, check out the README file, it has some good info in it as well. If you need any help, check out our forum, or ask us!

 How do I customize an individual wishlist?
You can change the the look and feel of each wishlist very easily, by using CSS. All you have to do is open the tab.css file in your application's stylesheets folder, which is located in: public/stylesheets/tab.css. At the top of the file, you should see some examples of what to do.

Each wishlist has a unique id in the database. DiamondList automatically looks to see if a css class has been set for a particular wishlist's id. So if you wanted to make the wishlist with the database id: 5 have a red background, you would add/change the css class like so:

That's all there is to it!


Do you like DiamondList, but you think it's missing a little something? We're open to suggestions! In our Development center, you can monitor the progress of the next release of DiamondList, recommend new features, report bugs, and you can even download any release of DiamondList if you want to work on your own version.


More themes coming soon!

Submit A Theme

If you created your a theme for DiamondList, let us know about it and we'll list it here!
DiamondList will no longer be maintained by Hulihan Applications as of September 17th, 2010.

Instead, we will be focusing development on WishlistFactory, a group-based wishlist sharing website.