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Onyx is an open source Ruby on Rails based image gallery. It is designed to be clean and intuitive, flexible, customizable, and quick.

 Customizable Themes
 Organize Images by Category/Tag
 Secure Admin area
 Upload images from your computer or a direct URL
 Built-In RSS feed generator
 Cool Image Viewer & Slidehow
 Comments for each Image
 Easily Enable/Disable Dummy Watermarks
 Floating Image Tooltips
 Multiple File Uploads
 Image Tagging
 Image Effects(Black & White, Sepia, Rotation, etc.)


Gallery Home Page   Viewing An Image   Image Quickview/Slideshow   Admin Images List   Adding a New Image  

Help & Faqs

 How do I install Onyx?
The best way to install Onyx and figure out how it works is to open the INSTALL file included with the download. It will tell you everything about how to get it up and running... and how to use it! Also, check out the README file, it has some good info in it as well. If you need any help, check out our forum, or ask us!
 How do I edit/create a theme?
All themes are stored in public/themes. Take a look at some of the default themes that come with Onyx to get a good idea about how they are structured. As always, if you need any help, let us know.


Do you like Onyx, but you think it's missing a little something? Help us make Onyx better!

Check out our Development Website. You can do all kinds of things here:

  • Submit feature requests or bug reports
  • Monitor development progress
  • Read app wikis for tutorials and how-tos
  • Get help on the community forums
  • Download any release